Otros Escape Rooms en Mallorca / Other Escape Rooms in Mallorca:

Calle Ramón Berenguer III, Nº10, 07003, Palma de Mallorca |

Telf/Phone:  663 389 502

Gift voucher

Are you still looking for an original gift?

Why not a unique and unforgetable experience?


By buying a Mission: Escape Gift Voucher you will be able to surprise this especial one. The only thing he/she will have to do is to book a time with us and choose a team of friends who will help in this mission.  


The Gift Voucher´s price is 70 euros no matter how many players join (groups from 2 to 6 players).

There is a Individual Gift Voucher as well that cost 20€ and it is valid for just one person.


If you want to purchase one of our Gift Voucher do not hesitate in contact us by emailing to missionescape@missionescape.es


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