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Mission:Escape. The original Escape Room of Mallorca presents amazing missions for you

Ancla 3
Room Escape, The Den, Mallorca


The Warehouse 232

(2 to 6 players, under age players should be accompanied by an adult)



An intriguing security guard of this misterious abandoned warehouse needs your  services.


Since last week one can here strange noises coming out of the warehouse. The segurity guard asks you to investigate what is going on there. 

The warehouse belongs to Alicia's Esquivel father, the girl who is currently accused of the murder of 6 people and currently missing. 

Is the warehouse related to Alicia's dissapearance?




The thief of memories

(up to 6 players and an adult for free)


A weird man who does not remember who is he needs your help to get his memories back. 

In this mission you will enter the hideout of the thief of memories, where he keeps his victims' valuable sentimental objects. 

You have one hour or you will end up without memories too. 


Fotos de la familia de B & W.webp



(up to 6 players)


Who are you if you do not have memories?

Are you anything else but your memories?

You are 60 minutes away from oblivion.

One hour not to get trapped in amnesia. 



What is a Escape Room?

​It is like being in a movie or a video game, but it is real. You and a group of friends (between 2 and 6 people) will enter the room, where you will have 60 minutes to escape. How will you be able to escape? There is not only one way: in the room you will have to use your brains. It is all about observing, investigating, finding clues and hints that will allow you to open doors and secret saves. You will have to collaborate with your team in order to escape. No everyone makes it.

Take a look on a few of our players:




Ancla 1
Ancla 2

Booking times: 

Monday to Thursday: 10:00 to 13:00 and 17:00 to 21:00

Friday:17:00 to 23:00

and Saturday: 09:30 to 23:00

Sunday: 09:30 to 21:00

If you have a big group and you want to play outside the openning times contact us on

We open 5 minutes before the booked time


2 players: 50€ per group

3 players: 60€ per group

4 players: 72€ per group

5 players: 80€ per group

6 or more: 14€ per person

You can pay before or after the game once you are here by cash or card.

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