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About the Game



Mission I: Prevent the III Wold War


Palma de Mallorca.  The 10th of July 1956. Richard Nixon, as vicepresident of the United States of America, visits Mallorca. What  nobody knows is that there is a conspiracy to make an attempt on his life. A murder that could change the course of history and unleash the 3rd World War. You have one hour to find out the murderer's plan and escape from his hideout. If you fail, the World will have to face the most horrific consequences 

Is it an easy task??  No. To achieve your goal you will have to put your curiosity, inventiveness and eye for detail to the test. Race againts time with nerves of steel and cooperate with each other because this is not a one person mission. Strength is useless here. The only muscle you need is your brain. Use it to solve the puzzles, enigmas and connect the dots. TIME RUNS AGAINTS YOU FROM NOW ON.


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